BOTA BORRELIA – CURE LYME – Now a new day is dawning

ANFANGSummer is over and the time has come to return to work. For me personally, the future holds a time of R&R, since I now laid down the sword I’ve been carrying for the SLA.

I wish the new board best of luck, and let’s hope they will be able to assist and help members and patients in the same way I did, when I saved the organisation, when I became President in the spring of 2015. There was nobody else who could or would take on the task, and that meant that I, who is a person of duty foremost, was forced to take on a very responsable and daunting role. I had clear visions of where we needed to go and I did my utmost to reach my goals.

Among the things I accomplished, during my time on the Board and as President, was that I secured that a IRL channel for the members was created in the form of a Facebookgroup – after the model of the ”cure lyme” group, where members can support each other in real time in the fight to get well. I also organized ”The lyme day” a yearly manifestation at Medborgarplatsen, where I held speeches and we came in contact with the general population and answered their questions.

On behalf of the association I took part of NorVect 14/15 and Nordtick -16. I also visited and lobbyed ALMEDALEN 2014/15, talking to politicians and the public. I also attended STRAMA-day 2016. During the years, I also, as much as my schedule would allow, were a support to many afflicted and their families. I held lectures and organized support meetings for members situated in the Stockholm area.

But the one thing I am most proud of, that was my greatest dream and vision, that I worked almost 5 years to network and prepare for, that I labored so long for and we finally could fulfill this summer:

The Stockholm Conference nicknamed ”Mini-ILADS” where some of the greatest doctors and scientists in the world came to Stockholm to sit down with our authorities, media, representatives of the Swedish healthcare system and politicians.

The conference was an international success and I can’t get better praise than what Leona Gilbert and Sissel Nuth Davidson (NorVect) gave me after the conference and what they said to me, I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life.

But it’s easy to succeed when you have such an amazing team that I had and I want to give thanks to those, whose special contributions was the main reason it got such a rewiew the world around:

Caroline – who picked up and wrote down all my crazy ideas.

Per – that with his great knowledge and enormous generosity, made sure that the association could save big sums of money.

Mats – who with his enormous drive and stubborness mailed infanitally to invite our targeted groups.

Christer – the one who fixes everything.

For obvious reasons, I want to thank the people who was the core of the conference most of all:

Dr Steven Phillips, Dr Leona Gilbert, Dr Armin Schwartzbach and of course, my familys amazing doctor, Dr Kenneth Sandström.

And last, but not least, a big thank you to my especially envited guests Sissel Nuth Davidson (NorVect) and Trine Dahlman, who gave their own much appreciated contribution to the conference. I know that Rolf Luneng’s trial took place last week and I am with you in my thoughts the next couple of weeks, while waiting for the ruling. Is he finally going to be able, again, to call himself for what he is? A medical Doctor.


In the end of september the new board will be elected.

My work for the SLA is over, but not my duty to all the people who are sick. Now I move on to new and greater tasks. But more about that in upcoming blogs.

Now, with warm appreciation, I bid you farewell and log out.

Stand up for yourselves before doctors stand upon you!

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I also want to remind you about the petition to save DR X:

Petition för att stoppa Mats Reimers mobbande   (petition to stop Mats Reimers bullying)


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Angelica 1Angelica Johansson, administrator for the free and from the SLA unbound ”Cure lyme blog”, main administrator for the free ”Cure Lyme Now” Facebookgroup, Former President for The Swedish Lyme Association.

(I am writing this blog as a private citizien and NOT in my former capacity as President and the views represented are my own and does not reflect the SLA’s stance and in the event of critisism, it should be directed to yours truly)

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