ANFANGI natt kom klart besked. LAGFÖRSLAGET med reviderad text gällande vektorburna sjukdomar gick igenom. Det innebär att det inslagna spåret fortsätter och kampen för värdig vård i USA börjar bära allt frodigare frukt och tids nog tvingas vi även i  Sverige att rätta oss i ledet (vad än Björn Olsén och Mats Reimer må tycka om saken) vilket i slutändan innebär värdig vård även i vårt numera vårdvedervärdiga land.


This night the verdict came through. The bill, with revised language about vectorborne diseases, passed. That means that the trail that been blazed will be kept open and the fight for dignified care is bearing evermore lush fruits and given time, even we in Sweden is forced to follow suit ( no matter what Björn Olsén and Mats Reimer thinks about that) wich in the long run will get us proper care in this nowadays unproper uncaring country.

New Lyme language in Congress’s 21st Century Cures bill

BREAKING NEWS (Nov. 30): #CuresNow passes House 392-26. Now on to Senate.

Joint statement from several Lyme advocacy groups:

Lyme community leaders are pleased to announce that language on tick-borne diseases (TBD) will be included in the 21st Century Cures Act (the House Amendment to Senate Amendment to HR 34), popularly known as #CuresNow.  The inclusion of this language was achieved after two days of intense negotiations with Congressional offices.  The language will be included in the House version of the bill which is expected to pass easily due to its broad bipartisan support.  The signatories listed below mutually agreed upon the new TBD language that will now be included in the bill.

Yesterday and early today, leaders put out calls to the community to have them contact their federal Senators and Representatives to pull out Congressionally proposed Lyme language that would have contradicted the bill’s intent. Thank you all for those efforts.  Congressional leaders responded by indicating a willingness to work with the Lyme community. That effort was successfully concluded at 5pm today when the Rules committee met and the proposed language agreed upon by both sides was incorporated into the large 21st Century Cures amendment legislation.

We would like to thank House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Chairman Fred Upton of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and Congressman Christopher H. Smith, Co-Chair of the House Lyme Caucus, for their efforts to make this happen. We also thank Congressman Chris Gibson whose work in having Lyme language inserted into the original Cures Act which passed the House enabled us to move forward with this groundbreaking effort.  

A vote on the Rules portion and then on the Managers Amendment will take place Wednesday, November 30, midday, and will be broadcast on CNN. Final times will be available in the AM. 

Patricia Smith, President, Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Jill Auerbach Chair, Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Association

Phyllis Mervine, President,

Ira Auerbach, Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Association

Christina T. Fisk, President, Lyme Action Network

David Roth, Founder of Tick Borne Disease Alliance and Global Lyme Alliance

Bruce Fries, President, Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group

Holly Ahern, Vice President, Lyme Action Network

Dorothy Leland, Vice President,

Timohy  Lynagh, Board Member, Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

LAGEN 21st Century Cures Act


Stå på er innan läkarna står på er!!

Stand up for yourselves before doctors stand upon you!!

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Jag vill också påminna om petitionen för DR X;

Petition för att stoppa Mats Reimers mobbande

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I also want to remind you about the petition to save DR X:

petition to stop Mats Reimers bullying


(Click the picture) Join our supportgroup!

Angelica Johansson, administrator for the free and from the SLA unbound ”Cure lyme blog”, main administrator for the free ”Cure Lyme Now” Facebookgroup, Former President for The Swedish Lyme Association. Member and administrator GLiIO, member ILADS

(I am writing this blog as a private citizien and NOT in my former capacity as President and the views represented are my own and does not reflect the SLA’s stance and in the event of critisism, it should be directed to yours truly)

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