ANFANGI natt kom klart besked. LAGFÖRSLAGET med reviderad text gällande vektorburna sjukdomar gick även igenom  Senaten. Det innebär att det inslagna spåret fortsätter och kampen för värdig vård i USA börjar bära allt frodigare frukt och tids nog tvingas vi även i  Sverige att rätta oss i ledet (vad än Björn Olsén och Mats Reimer må tycka om saken) vilket i slutändan innebär värdig vård även i vårt numera vårdvedervärdiga land.

This night the verdict came through. The bill, with revised language about vectorborne diseases, also passed the Senate. That means that the trail that has been blazed will be kept open and the fight for dignified care is bearing evermore lushus fruits and given time, even we in Sweden is forced to follow suit (no matter what Björn Olsén and Mats Reimer might think about that) wich in the long run, will get us proper care in this nowadays unproper and uncaring country.


New Lyme language in Congress’s 21st Century Cures bill


DR RICHARD HOROWITZ words about it:

”The long awaited 21st Century Cures Act passed Congress today, and it is ready to be signed into law by President Obama. This bill will focus on precision medicine (like the MSIDS model), Alzheimer’s disease, finding cures for cancer, and among other things, Lyme disease. As per a recent email that I received from Congressman Gibson’s office: ”This is the first law that will specifically require a focus on and reporting about tick borne diseases. It took years of work to get to this point and have tick-borne diseases begin to receive the national attention needed. We believe it is our best opportunity to date to press forward with the federal government to get new policies and procedures in place that address the scourge of Lyme and other TBDs, and to bring forward cures and solutions for our chronic Lyme sufferers and hopefully turn the corner on prevention and insurance company coverage, too…”.
A large thank you goes out Congressman Gibson for getting the first version of the bill passed through the House, and I would like to extend a large thank you as well to all of the Lyme groups who made this possible, making sure the right language was contained in the bill. One of the next steps is for the new Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to appoint advocates to the TBD Working Group. I have offered to serve on this Congressional panel, and have the Lyme community receive the help that they so desperately need. As per Congressman Gibson in a recent email: ”We believe it is vital that the new Administration be made aware of the importance of the Tick Borne Disease components of 21st Century Cures, and that the new Secretary of HHS appoints advocates like Dr. Horowitz and Pat Smith to the new Working Group. This should be requested both in direct advocacy with the HHS Secretary, and through Congressional input from our supporters in Congress”. As per Congressman Gibson, please consider contacting the new Secretary of HHS (Georgia Congressman Tom Price) and Congressman John Faso, who will be replacing Congressman Gibson, if you would to see me serve on this important committee.”

Nu ska bara President Obama skriva under så är det helt klart.

Now President Obama only needs to sign and everything will be handled.

Stå på er innan läkarna står på er!!

Stand up for yourselves before doctors stand upon you!!

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Jag vill också påminna om petitionen för DR X;

Petition för att stoppa Mats Reimers mobbande

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I also want to remind you about the petition to save DR X:

petition to stop Mats Reimers bullying


(Click the picture) Join our supportgroup!

Angelica Johansson, administrator for the free and from the SLA unbound ”Cure lyme blog”, main administrator for the free ”Cure Lyme Now” Facebookgroup, Former President for The Swedish Lyme Association. Member and administrator GLiIO, member ILADS

(I am writing this blog as a private citizien and NOT in my former capacity as President and the views represented are my own and does not reflect the SLA’s stance and in the event of critisism, it should be directed to yours truly)

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  1. Lucy Barnes skriver:

    Thank you Angelica. Excellent post- good news! Hope you do follow suit and we wish you the best of luck! Never give up! LB


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